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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Certification Review Course - Live Webinar June 6-7

Apr 3, 2024 12:14:04 PM / by Brooke Kochanski posted in mental health, Nursing, psychiatry


This course is designed for the psychiatric-mental health nurse generalist (Registered Nurse) to enhance their knowledge base of nursing processes, relevant supportive concepts, and theoretical interventions that apply in caring for patients and families who experience common mental, behavioral, and emotional health problems across the life span.  

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Anxiety and Life Satisfaction with Coach James Traub

Oct 13, 2023 10:33:49 AM / by Andrew L. Brewer, MS, NBHWC posted in Wellness, Healthcare Insights, mental health, stress, behavioral health, Health coach, therapy, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, communication, outcomes, podcast, depression, referral, burnout, counseling, suicide, resource, self care, psychiatry, Adult health, coaching, masculinity


Emotions are energy in motion. How we embody them into our current state of being determines our mood, disposition, dopamine and cortisol levels, and much more. If we find ourselves in a state of anxiety, James suggests ways to work out a path through, and closer to peace of mind, calm, confidence, and more.

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🚩 Join Us - Primary Care Behavioral Health March 10-11, 2023

Jan 10, 2023 9:38:00 AM / by Brooke Kochanski posted in Primary Care, behavioral health, psychiatry


The activity will consist of 3 half day sessions focused on how to assess patients for psychiatric disorders in the primary care setting; how to assess for suicide and dangerousness; and diagnosis and treatment of disorders commonly encountered in primary care (mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosis, somatic disorders, substance abuse, sleep disorders). There will be an optional half-day for those who wish to become buprenorphine waivered practitioners. The course will be offered in person. Register here

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