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12 Grade Students Can Apply Today for North Carolina Pre-Scholars Institute

Mar 30, 2021 10:44:38 AM / by Brooke Kochanski posted in health careers, students


A Statewide Health Careers Summer Program for rising 12th grade students

The North Carolina AHEC Pre-Scholars Institute aims to provide professional development and mentoring to historically underrepresented students interested in pursuing a career in health care. Students will thoroughly enjoy health science workshops taught by health science faculty from across the state of NC, health care professional guest speakers, games and more! Our goal is to expose and prepare teens for a variety of careers in healthcare in a fun and exciting way. We believe in funrichment (fun+enrichment)! The content will be delivered via live webinar and online modules.

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Health Coaching - a growing part of the healthcare extender model

Mar 30, 2021 9:23:59 AM / by Andrew Brewer posted in telehealth, engagement, instruction, training, Wellness, public health, mental health, CME, Healthy Opportunities, culinary medicine, healthy eating, food, community, health careers, respiratory care, behavioral health, Health coach


We hear the term health coach more and more these days so I wanted to explore the role of the health coach in this blog post. A health coach is a coach for people who want to or who are contemplating making behavioral changes that result in a healthier lifestyle. A health coach is a type of healthcare extender trained to help others set goals and be accountable for themselves as they begin a journey to improve their overall health and quality of life.

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