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Seeking Content Collaborator for Online Tobacco Cessation Coaching Course

Dec 5, 2023 10:33:20 AM / by Andrew L. Brewer, MS, NBHWC posted in Health coach, tobacco, online learning, coaching


We are seeking a Community Health Worker (CHW) to join our team and play a crucial role in creating content for an e-learning course focused on motivational interviewing and coaching for tobacco cessation. The course aims to equip CHWs with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively support the communities they serve. 

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Anxiety and Life Satisfaction with Coach James Traub

Oct 13, 2023 10:33:49 AM / by Andrew L. Brewer, MS, NBHWC posted in Wellness, Healthcare Insights, mental health, stress, behavioral health, Health coach, therapy, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, communication, outcomes, podcast, depression, referral, burnout, counseling, suicide, resource, self care, psychiatry, Adult health, coaching, masculinity


Emotions are energy in motion. How we embody them into our current state of being determines our mood, disposition, dopamine and cortisol levels, and much more. If we find ourselves in a state of anxiety, James suggests ways to work out a path through, and closer to peace of mind, calm, confidence, and more.

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