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Real Talk on Women's Health with Dr. Bill Chun:  Pregnancy, Abortion, Delivery, and Maternity in the Current US Clinical and Business Healthcare Systems.

Sep 14, 2023 2:41:36 PM / by Andrew L. Brewer, MS, NBHWC

Women's health champion and 30-year veteran OB/GYN Bill Chun, MD sits down for a conversation about women's health, pregnancy,  obesity and the  of necessity delivering babies naturally in a time when more and more babies are scheduled C-section, induction, and less by natural birth. 

Dr. Chun addresses the current weaknesses within the US health system overall with regards to pregnancy, delivery, and maternity. He shares his thoughts on his practice with over 200,000 patient encounters, the necessity for abortion training in stillbirth and legal abortion, and his plans after retiring from delivery since August 31, 2023.

Don't miss this episode of our Healthcare Insights in Northwest North Carolina with your host, Andrew L. Brewer, MS, NBHWC and guest Dr. Bill Chun.

Listen to the episode by clicking play below or searching "Healthcare Insights In Northwest North Carolina" from wherever you get your podcasts. 

A note of caution: The audio on this episode comes in a little hot due to bandwidth issues when we recorded. You will want to adjust your volume accordingly.

Opinions expressed are  the host(s) and guest(s) own and do not necessarily represent the views of Northwest Area Health Education Center, The North Carolina AHEC System, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, or of the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist enterprise.


Tags: Wellness, Pregnancy, mental health, Medicine, Obstetrics, Labor & Delivery, OB/GYN, behavioral health, infant mortality rate, gravidas, Preventive Care, depression, health care, Adult health

Andrew L. Brewer, MS, NBHWC

Written by Andrew L. Brewer, MS, NBHWC

Instructional Technologist at Northwest AHEC, Nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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