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Strong Results from Self-paced Coaching and Motivational Interviewing Courses

Oct 2, 2023 12:14:44 PM / by Andrew L. Brewer, MS, NBHWC

As part of the NCDHHS grant funded North Carolina Community Health Worker Standardized Core Competency Training, these self-paced, online specialty training courses were launched in late August 2022. Northwest AHEC worked with Mountain AHEC to develop the course materials and the pre- and post-tests based on course content and used these to assess knowledge outcomes. The results gathered by UNC Pembroke show strong uptake of the information presented in the courses.

mahec online course graphicThese results are from the self-identified Community Health Workers who completed the entire course including the pre- and post-tests. The course is open to all, but this data was specifically for CHW participants.

For the course “Introduction to Health and Wellness Coaching for Community Health Workers” the data from 371 participants evaluated from August 2022 to August 2023 showed a 29% overall increase in knowledge from beginning to completion of the course. For course details and registration see: https://mahec.net/home/event/68929

“Introduction to Motivational Interviewing for Community Health Workers” showed an overall gain of 16% and had the highest test scores for the same period for 236 participants. It should be noted that participants typically took this course after the previously mentioned so a higher level of understanding coming into the course could have some affect. For course details and registration see: https://mahec.net/home/event/68932

The course “Motivational Interviewing Conversations: Clients with Common Health Conditions” showed a gain of 14% overall and had the highest pre-test scores as compared to the other courses with a 175 participants responding. It should be noted that this was typically the third course in the sequence suggesting a high level of understanding upon entering. For course details and registration see: https://mahec.net/home/event/68947

These courses are available at no cost to everyone until August 14, 2025.

For more about CHWs: NCDHHS on Community Health Workers: https://www.ncdhhs.gov/divisions/office-rural-health/community-health-workers


Tags: learning, Wellness, Health coach, online learning, CHW, Community Health Worker

Andrew L. Brewer, MS, NBHWC

Written by Andrew L. Brewer, MS, NBHWC

Instructional Technologist at Northwest AHEC, Nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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