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You Don't Want To Miss These Upcoming Behavorial Health Programs

Aug 10, 2023 3:18:05 PM / by Brooke Kochanski

Join us for these upcoming Behavioral Health Programs offered by Northwest AHEC - highlighting many important topics including diversity, equity and inclusion along with several adolescent topics. All programs are being offered as Live Webinars. 

  • September 8, Indigenous Psychotherapy: Ayurvedic and Africentric Approaches to Healing: This program introduces practitioners to modalities for family interventions that are rooted in African Psychology and ancient, Ayurvedic principles for healthy and sustainable living. Together, these philosophies lay the foundation for the self – actualization of healers and the healing capacity of individuals and families, of the Diaspora. Click here to register
  • September 13, Youth Risk Behavior: Responding to and Assessing Adolescent Suicide: Participants in this workshop will be provided with information related recent trends in adolescent risk behavior as it relates to suicide. Content will focus on potential strategies used to modify or alter the risk taking. The behaviors will be examined from how they manifest in a community context primarily to criminal justice agencies. Click here to register
  • September 28, Mental Health Disparities Among African Americans: In this workshop participants will be provided with activities aimed to increase awareness of their unconscious biases. Case studies will be reviewed to practice cultural humility and to practice strategies to mitigate unconscious biases. Participants will develop a plan of action to build rapport, positive therapeutic relationships, and to provide more culturally appropriate services to African American clients. Click here to register
  • September 29, Cultural and Systemic Considerations for Working With Latine Communities: This training will center on cultural and contextual considerations for working with Latine individuals and families. We will take a broad look at different aspects that impact this work, including cultural, immigration, and systemic factors, as well as discrimination and oppression. Within the frame of cultural responsiveness, we will present practical tools and evidence-based approaches to support the work of providers working with Latine communities. Click here to register
  • October 20, More than a Playlist: An Overview of Music Therapy: This training will provide an overview of the music therapy profession, including information about board-certified music therapists, approaches to music therapy, types of interventions used in treatment, collaboration with other healthcare professionals. In this session, you can expect to grow your understanding of music therapy and how it benefits a variety of patient populations. Come join this hands-on session as we learn more about music’s impact on the brain and how music is used as a therapeutic tool to reach non-musical therapeutic goals! Click here to register
  • November 3, Adolescent Technology Use: Addiction, Culture, or Both?: This presentation will take a deep dive into what typical technology use among today’s teenagers is and the culture behind that use. We will identify when technology use crosses the line into addiction. And we will identify strategies to implement for teens with problematic technology and/or identify strategies to aid parents who have a teen on technology. Click here to register
  • November 8, Group Counseling & Group Community Building: Motivational Interviewing Focus: Group counseling is a frequently used counseling format. Counselors need to be familiar with this format as well as the use of Evidence-Based Practices (e.g., motivational interviewing) in a group setting. This workshop will provide an overview of group counseling and building group community with a motivational interviewing focus.  Click here to register

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Brooke Kochanski

Written by Brooke Kochanski

Marketing & Communications Specialist at Northwest AHEC

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