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Jan 11, 2021 10:20:14 AM / by NW AHEC

It’s a New Year and time for Self-Care! Many of us are sitting more working remotely or possibly not back in the gym just yet. We all have different circumstances and busy schedules, but it’s important we make time for movement. Start small and increase your activity slowly or consult your physician first before beginning a new routine. Here are a few simple ways to incorporate some fitness into your day:

  • Get outside for some fresh air – even if it’s not extreme fitness. Short walks are great for circulation, cardiovascular endurance and stretching.
  • Safely park further away at work or when doing errands…those steps add up and you can burn a few extra calories.
  • March in place during a non-video meeting. If you are not the host – why not move those tired legs.
  • Just be sure you make time for movement!


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Written by NW AHEC

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