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Join us in person in April for Practical Pediatrics 2022! ✔

Feb 1, 2022 9:59:17 AM / by Brooke Kochanski

This continuing medical education activity is intended for pediatricians, as well as family medicine physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses who provide care to infants, children and adolescents.


shutterstock_730334230Annual Practical Pediatrics Conference
Save the Date April 1-2, 2022
Bridger Field House
499 Deacon Blvd., Winston–Salem, NC


Registration Fee:
$ 300 — Physician Fee
$ 150 — Non-physician Fee


  • Covid-19Covid-19 - Christopher Ohl, MD
  • Pediatric ID Update - Avinash Shetty, MD and Kacy Ramirez, MD
  • Crash Course in the “Other” Neurodevelopmental Disabilities - Michelle Curtain, MD
  • Supporting the Breastfeeding Dyad: What Every Pediatric Provider Should Know - Jeanna Auriemma, MD
  • SSRI Use for Depression and Anxiety in Pediatric Patients - Naomi Leslie, MD
  • Management of the Young Child with Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Dan Kirse, MD and Eleanor Kiell, MD
  • Help! My Child NEVER Sleeps! - Sheila Maurer, MD
  • Asthma Updates in 2022 - Lauren Bradford, MD
  • Practical General Pediatric Dermatology - Joseph Jorizzo, MD
  • Iron Deficiency Anemia - Alex George, MD
  • Pediatric Dentistry for Primary Care - Judith Messura, DMD

View more information and register here!



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Brooke Kochanski

Written by Brooke Kochanski

Marketing & Communications Specialist at Northwest AHEC

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