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Let's Bring Summer Back

May 17, 2021 5:09:29 PM / by Brooke Kochanski

COVID-19 vaccines are our best shot to bring back summer and get everyone safely back to the people, places and activities they love. So, we are joining the Bringing Summer Back initiative, a fun, flexible, community-centered approach to help every organization and individual stop the spread of COVID-19 by urging friends and neighbors to get vaccinated.

Northwest AHEC is joining forces with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and organizations across the state. Together, we are educating people in our community about COVID-19 vaccines as part of a summer get-out-the vaccine (GOTV) campaign.

bringsummerbackTo date, more than 3.6 million adults in North Carolina have been vaccinated with at least one dose. While the state has made great progress in helping people schedule and get to their vaccine appointments, more than half of the adult population is still completely unvaccinated, putting them at higher risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

10 Facts You Should Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

  1. Everyone age 12+ is eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
  2. The vaccines are proven to help prevent COVID-19 and are effective in preventing hospitalization and death. Millions of people in the U.S. have already received them.
  3. COVID-19 vaccines are built on years of work to develop vaccines for similar viruses.
  4. You cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccines.
  5. There were no serious safety concerns noted in the clinical trials. You may have temporary reactions like a sore arm, fever, headache or feeling tired and achy for a day or two after
    receiving the vaccine.
  6. The vaccines teach your body how to create a protein that helps you fight COVID-19. The protein and vaccine leave your body after they are finished and cannot be tracked.
  7. The vaccines are free to everyone, even if you don’t have health insurance.
  8. Personal information about your health and identity is carefully managed to protect your privacy. It is not shared with CDC or ICE.
  9. Follow the 3 Ws—wear a mask, wait 6 feet apart from others and wash your hands—before and after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. This is everyone’s best protection from getting and
    spreading COVID-19.
  10. Everyone has a spot for honest information on COVID-19 vaccines and where to get vaccinated. Go to YourSpotYourShot.nc.gov or call the COVID-19 Vaccine Help Center toll-free at 888-675-4567.


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Brooke Kochanski

Written by Brooke Kochanski

Marketing & Communications Specialist at Northwest AHEC

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