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Jul 3, 2024 8:50:28 AM / by Brooke Kochanski

Check out these no-cost online learning offerings from Northwest AHEC, catch up on your contact hours from the comfort of your own home.


Safe or Silent? Description: This course presents the inter-relatedness of joy in work, burnout, safety, and silence in the healthcare setting, and the role that organizational 'just culture' has in optimizing clinician satisfaction and patient safety. Click here to register 

Managing Difficult Patient Situations Description: Many practice settings are experiencing angry, hostile, and even aggressive behavior from patients, parents, caregivers, and others. This course is designed for health care practice teams who interact with patients and other customers. Background and context of the problem are reviewed, and evidence-based practical tips, suggestions and resources are provided. Click here to register

Falls Screening, Risk Assessment and Care Planning for Older Patients in the Community Description: This activity focuses on fall risk assessment and care planning from the perspective of ambulatory care clinical staff, using the STEADI ("Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths and Injuries") framework. The scope of the problem and the need for adequate screening and intervention is presented along with practical workflows and steps to take to assess and address fall risk in the primary care setting. Click here to register


Four modules on Reverse Behavioral Health Integration:

Reverse Behavioral Health Integration: Clinical and Operational Aspects of Integrated Care


Introduction to Reverse Behavioral Health Integration


Reverse Behavioral Health Integration: What Clinical Staff Need to Know


Financial Aspects of Integrated Behavioral Health



Podcast CE Series: Homelessness in Forsyth County - Click here to Register

The Podcast CE Series is your go-to for timely and thought-provoking discussions that humanize healthcare experiences. From the latest medical breakthroughs to discussions on mental health, lifestyle choices, and preventive care, there's something for every listener. Because when it comes to health, every conversation matters! Guests include faculty, clinicians, researchers, and community members involved in improving the health of our community. Homelessness effects us here in the US and Forsyth County is no exception. In this episode, the listener will hear about how the Bethesda Center serves the homeless population, as well as the primary causes of homelessness and the challenges of helping the homeless find permanent housing. The Bethesda Center for the Homeless in Winston-Salem serves the Forsyth County homeless population by providing emergency shelter, case management, support services, and works with other agencies to serve the community. The Center is primarily supported by charitable donations. Planners and faculty members report no conflicts of interest or relevant financial relationships.

homelessness, homeless, housing, SDoH, community, mental health, charity, podcast


Podcast CE Series: Emergency Department Psychiatry, Tele-Medicine and Electroconvulsive Therapy - Click here to register

Guests include faculty, clinicians, researchers, and community members involved in improving the health of our community. In this episode, the listener will hear about the unique demands and complexities of providing behavioral health care in high-pressure environments. Our guest will discuss how technology is bridging gaps and enhancing accessibility in the behavioral health field through tele-medicine. This episode will also cover the efficacy, misconceptions and decision-making process involved in ECT interventions.


Podcast CE Series: Updates in Alzheimer’s Disease in Older Adults - Click here to Register

Guests include faculty, clinicians, researchers, and community members involved in improving the health of our community. Hal Atkinson is a professor and clinician in gerontology and geriatric medicine and Wake Forest University School of Medicine and joins us to talk about hypotheses for the cause for Alzheimer's disease and the latest in treatments for slowing cognitive decline. We learn about the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's, factors related to cognitive decline, and the GUIDE program for supporting patients, families, and caregivers including caregiver respite funding.


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