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​Provider Resource Highlight… Reference Guide: Medicaid Contacts for Beneficiaries  ​

Jun 30, 2021 8:15:00 AM / by Practice Support Team

With Medicaid Transformation comes the introduction of new points of contact for beneficiaries, such as the Enrollment Broker and health plans. A long-term goal of NC Medicaid is to provide a single point of contact – one number – for beneficiaries to call for assistance. For now, please try to direct beneficiaries to the appropriate contact using the information provided in this guide. The attached tables provide the various points of contact, key responsibilities, and phone numbers and/or websites beneficiaries can use.  

When in doubt, you may always refer the beneficiary to the Enrollment Broker for assistance: 1-833-870-5500. This guide is intended for internal use only and not meant to be used as a handout for beneficiaries.  

MedicaidPrior to referring beneficiaries, please consider the following:  

  • Changes in household situation, changes of address, pregnancies/births, and general eligibility questions should be referred to the beneficiary’s local Department of Social Services (DSS). A directory of all 100 local DSS offices is provided here. 
  • If possible, find out if the person is already a member of a health plan. Points of contact for health plan members (people in NC Medicaid Managed Care) may differ from those for beneficiaries in NC Medicaid Direct. 


This reference guide as well as other helpful beneficiary materials can be found in the Provider Playbook under the Resources section of the Beneficiary Materials page. 

Click here for quick access to the Reference Guide: Medicaid Contacts for Beneficiaries. 


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