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Mar 22, 2023 7:45:00 AM / by Practice Support Team

We encourage you to subscribe  to the Quality Payment Program Small Practices Newsletter. It is a valuable resource from CMS to help your practice be successful in the Quality Payment Program. This week we bring you selected resources:

New Resource: 2023 Small Practice Action Planning Tool and Video

The 2023 Small Practice Action Planning Tool is a new resource available for small practices to plan their participation in MIPS for the 2023 performance year. The tool is for small practices interested in examining their 2021 MIPS final score to identify opportunities to improve performance in 2023. It includes an After Action Review Section that offers an opportunity for your practice to reflect and gain insight into why and how your intended performance differed from what was accomplished. It also allows your practice to examine the measures and activities used in 2021 for consideration in 2023. In the Action Plan Section of the tool, you can document your 2023 selections and apply the insights gained into developing a plan to improve your 2023 performance and enhance patient care.

This resource is accompanied by a video to introduce small practices on how to use the action planning tool.

Now Available: 2023 MIPS Measures and Activities Resources

Visit the 2023 Explore Measures & Activities webpage to review the measures and activities available in traditional MIPS for the 2023 performance year. You can access measure and activity descriptions and measure specifications.

Visit the Explore MVPs (MIPS Value Pathways) webpage to learn about the MVPs that are available for the 2023 performance year.

The 2023 Quality Benchmarks (ZIP), which are applicable to traditional MIPS, the Alternative Payment Model (APM) Performance Pathway (APP), and MVPs, also are available.


If you are not already subscribed to this newsletter, we encourage to sign up for email updates from CMS.

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