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Where Is "Family" in the Social Determinants of Health?

Jan 31, 2024 4:00:00 PM / by Janice Moore, MLS

The Northwest AHEC Practice Support Team supports social, physical, and economic environments which promote attaining the full potential of health and well-being for all. This blog segment highlights impactful publications which promote improved health outcomes through Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) each month.Muslim family home together-1

According to the highlighted article for this month, the importance of the family's role has been overlooked in the context of social determinants of health, despite the increasing attention towards this topic. The author discusses the implications of understanding and incorporating the family perspective in nursing practice, research, education, and policy. The article emphasizes the significance of acknowledging the impact of family dynamics on health results and proposes the necessity of a comprehensive approach to tackle health disparities.

Where Is "Family" in the Social Determinants of Health? Implications for Family Nursing Practice, Research, Education, and Policy. Journal of Family Nursing. Deatrick JA. (2017)., 23, 423-433. doi:10.1177/1074840717735287, 10.1177/1074840717735287. 




Tags: Social Determinants of Health, health disparities

Janice Moore, MLS

Written by Janice Moore, MLS

Professional Outreach Librarian

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