Thank you for your interest in Camp Med 2020 Virtual Summer Program. We are not accepting any new participants at this time as the Camp Med 2020 program ends July 31, 2020. We are excited that you are interested in a future in health careers and would invite you to look for information on Camp Med 2021 which will be announced in March 2021. Make sure to visit our Health Careers Website for more information. 


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Camp Med Testimonial

“Camp Med offers amazing opportunities for its participants to learn through activities. During my time at Camp Med I was able to connect with healthcare professionals, explore different medical career pathways, and observe medical procedures. I was even able to see preserved human organs and learn about their structure. The experiences Camp Med offered help mold my future and inspired my career goal of becoming an Anesthesiologist as I enter UNC-Chapel Hill this fall.”  Ashton Rierson, Camp Med 2019 Student

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